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About Levin      


Levin is a longtime resident of the City of Chesapeake.  He was born in 1986, and has always lived in the Hampton Roads area. As a child, Levin lived in Chesapeake until his grandfather's health declined and his family moved to the Eastern Shore. Not only did the Eastern Shore of Virginia instill his love for the outdoors, but it is where he began to understand and respect the importance for agricultural business, as it was many of his family friends' livelihoods.  His family moved back to Chesapeake where he attended Chesapeake Public Schools and graduated in 2005 from Hickory High School. While in high school, Levin met Mandi, and they were married in 2007.  They have chosen to remain in Chesapeake in order to raise their growing family in the community where they grew up.

In 2006, Levin began his lifelong dream of being a firefighter. Since, he has prided himself on providing the highest level of service in some of the most trying situations. Levin has served on multiple committees for the department. Levin's desire to educate the next generation of firefighters led him to volunteer his time in training recruits in the academy.  Levin was promoted to Lieutenant in 2012 and promoted to Captain in 2016. The emphasis Levin has shown in training and maintaining high standards, led him to be assigned to the Training Division. He currently serves as the Training Officer for the department. Levin is the Director of Hampton Roads Recruit Fire Academy #3 where he and his staff instill the core values of the fire service and teach the recruits the basic skills to perform their duty of protecting the community they serve.

Levin and Mandi have been blessed with four sons and one daughter. They currently reside in the Hickory section of Chesapeake where they enjoy spending time together and making memories with their children.

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